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Protecting Your Rights In Pediatric Malpractice Cases

If your child was seriously injured or killed by negligent treatment on the part of a primary care physician, pediatric specialist or other medical professional, contact an experienced attorney at the Pittsburgh law firm of Richards & Richards, LLP.

We Will Help Your Child Obtain The Compensation He Or She Deserves

We handle pediatric malpractice cases ranging from negligent neonatal care to misdiagnosis of cancer in children. We understand the pain and anger that families experience when a child is victimized by medical negligence, and we do everything possible to support your family through the ordeal of a permanent or fatal injury to a child.

Just as many medical errors can result from the failure of your child’s treatment team to consider the differences between children and adults, your medical malpractice lawsuit should also account for the legal, medical and practical differences between a negligent injury to a child and an injury to an adult.

We use our 25 years of experience with medical negligence litigation and our close working relationships with medical experts to show just how pediatric medical conditions should have been handled in cases of malpractice. We also know how to document and project damages claims to help ensure that your family and your child recover the compensation necessary to support life with a permanent disability as comfortably as possible.

Our lawyers handle such pediatric malpractice claims as the following:

Because Pennsylvania law provides that a child’s claim for medical malpractice damages doesn’t need to be filed until two years after the child’s 18th birthday, we can help protect your family from the risk of filing the case prematurely. It might take time for an accurate prognosis or a detailed damages demand to come into focus, and we can advise your family accordingly.

Was Your Child Was Harmed By Substandard Pediatric Care? Get Legal Help Now.

Let us help you pursue the justice and compensation you and your child deserve after being injured by pediatric malpractice. For a free initial consultation, call 412-261-2620 or contact us online.



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"There is not a better lawyer or a better person you could hire if you or a loved one was the victim of medical malpractice. She treated us with respect and kindness and we were never left wondering what was going on in our case. Her medical knowledge and resources helped us through a very difficult time. I do not think any other attorney could have helped us the way she did. Our settlement was more than we could have ever expected, but her support and kindness far surpassed any financial settlement we received."

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