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Is Probate Right For Me?

Probate is a process for administrating your estate, whether you have a will or not. Many people don’t realize that Pennsylvania is a good state for probate, i.e., typically a fast, painless, and inexpensive process. Whether you want to go to the expense of utilizing wills, trusts, and other estate planning devises, or allowing your estate to go through probate with no will, or just a simple will, depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your estate and your desires.

What Issues Should I Consider Regarding The Administration Of An Estate?

There are two main components individuals consider regarding estate administration: Choosing an executor and choosing a guardian for your minor children.

Role of an Executor – to initiate probate of the will, collect debts on behalf of the estate, pay taxes and debts owed by the estate, close accounts, and distribute assets.

Role of the Guardian – to provide for the care, education, and maintain the well being of minor children.

Being chosen as an executor or guardian is not an honor; it’s a job and a commitment. In choosing an executor or guardian, you should try to limit the choice to one person to avoid conflict in making decisions.

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