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At the Pittsburgh law firm of Richards & Richards, LLP, our medical malpractice attorneys help you understand your rights and will pursue your claim for wrongful death or medical malpractice related to negligence on the part of a physician or hospital. Contact our skilled lawyers online to request your free consultation and to learn about the legal options in a case where you believe there may have been a delayed diagnosis of cancer or cancer misdiagnosis.

A Failure to Diagnosis Cancer Can Be a Fatal Mistake

It’s hard to know how many cancer fatalities could have been avoided if a proper diagnosis of a malignancy had been made in time to save the patient’s life. What makes many forms of cancer dangerous is the risk that it will spread through the body and attack tissues or organs that are especially vulnerable or difficult to treat. A timely diagnosis can be just as important as an accurate diagnosis to save a patient’s life.

The Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyers of Richards & Richards know how to analyze and assess the likelihood that a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of cancer could have been avoided if your doctors had provided reasonable care to identify the condition.

Once we have determined that medical negligence was an important factor in a cancer-related disability or death, we work with nationally prominent medical experts whose professional opinions as to negligence, causation and damages will be essential to the success of your case.

We advise and represent clients in both severe personal injury claims and Pennsylvania wrongful death litigation related to the delay in the diagnosis of cancer in such situations as the following:

Failure to diagnose and treat cancer in time to make a difference is usually a claim against a radiologist, primary care doctor, urgent care doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant or internal medicine physician. Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorney Veronica Richards has an impressive record of success for her clients in each of these areas.

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