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A hospital should be a place of healing; but too often patients are bypassed or forgotten. Staff shortages and inadequate hospital administration can result in doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and therapists cutting corners when treating patients resulting in preventable infections, avoidable mistakes and exacerbation of illnesses.

Serious consequences can occur as a result of hospital negligence. Whether a nurse forgets to administer medication, administers the wrong medicine, or a doctor, nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant in the emergency room or urgent care facility misdiagnoses a heart attack, stroke or other serious medical condition, the hospital and medical provider should be held responsible for their actions and the serious consequences. At Richards & Richards in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our experienced medical malpractice attorneys devote their practice to helping clients recover damages for injuries caused by hospital malpractice.

Our personal injury team is led by attorney Veronica Richards. Attorney Richards has experience as a nurse practitioner, hospital administrator and as a medical malpractice trial attorney. Under her guidance and the professional perspective of independent physicians and medical experts, we examine your claim and determine if competent medical care could have prevented your injury or the death of a loved one.

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When hospital negligence results in a serious misdiagnosis or other severe medical condition, there is no excuse that pardons the negligent action. A misdiagnosis in an emergency room or urgent care facility can lead to:

Informed Consent

One of the most common patient complaints is that the doctor failed to get the patient’s informed consent . Before surgery, experimental treatments and other procedures doctors must inform their patients of the procedure, the alternatives, the expected results and any possible side effects. If your physician failed to get your informed consent before surgery, you may be entitled to recover damages for the consequences.

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