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Compartment Syndrome

By: Karesa M. Rovnan Many of us never heard of “compartment syndrome” until wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Antonio Brown, was taken to the hospital after a direct blow to his lower leg while trying to make a catch last season.  Doctors wanted to make sure Brown didn’t have compartment syndrome, an orthopaedic emergency.

FDA issues “MedWatch Alert” warning on the dangers of epidural steroid injections

There are now about 9 million epidural injections performed annually in the United States and the number of procedures appears to be growing. In 2014, the FDA warned that injection of corticosteroids into the epidural space of the spine may result in rare but serious neurological events, such as “loss of vision, stroke, paralysis and […]

Do you have a right to be seen by a doctor? Yes!

By Karesa M. Rovnan, Esq. In Pennsylvania, among other states, a new wave of healthcare is upon us.  Many of us are seen by physician assistants (P.A.’s) and nurse practitioners (N.P.’s) in our primary care offices, specialty offices and even in the hospital.  The healthcare industry often refers to this group of providers as “physician extenders.” […]

Who Stands to Benefit from “Tort Reform”? Not You – The Patient

By  Karesa M. Rovnan, Esq. If you could ask for anything from your doctor, hospital or other healthcare provider, what would it be? I can name one thing you should be entitled to without question: patient safety. Recently, efforts have been made in Congress to pass laws that will limit non-economic damages like pain and suffering […]

What Can Be Done To Reduce Medical Errors?

The majority of hospitals and doctors in this country never admit that their conduct resulted in patient injury or death.  This lack of transparency and accountability is a lost opportunity to improve patient safety and prevent medical errors. Recently, a few hospitals have started to admit mistakes, apologizing and attempting to fix what went wrong. […]