Medical Negligence During Postoperative Recovery

When people think of surgical risk, they usually think of the dangers of lying unconscious while being cut open. The families of people seriously injured or killed by negligence in the postoperative recovery period, however, understand that the risks of surgery can last for days or weeks.

If you need legal advice about your right to compensation for postoperative negligence on the part of a physician, nurse or other member of a hospital care team, contact the Pittsburgh law firm of Richards & Richards, LLP for a free consultation about your legal options.

A Nurse Practitioner And An Attorney

A former nurse practitioner and hospital administrator herself, Veronica Richards has an excellent understanding of the level of care necessary to protect the lives of people recovering from the trauma that surgery necessarily involves.

She knows how a departure from established standards of postoperative care can disable or kill the patient. Her experience with the proof of personal injury or wrongful death claims related to postoperative negligence can make the decisive difference in your case.

The attorneys of Richards & Richards, LLP represent clients in Pennsylvania medical malpractice litigation related to such postoperative risks as the following:

  • Failure to monitor vital signs related to the patient’s original condition or the effects of anesthesia
  • Negligence in postoperative care instructions or negligent failure to follow them
  • Failure to control bleeding or blood clots
  • Problems with the full recovery of respiratory function
  • Failure to prevent or treat infection such as pneumonia or meningitis

The complications of surgery can get a lot more complicated when doctors and nurses fail to protect their patients from the risk of brain damage, paralysis or death through negligence in the postoperative period.

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