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Was Your Child Injured During the Birth Process?

The birth of a child is usually one of the happiest occasions in a person’s lifetime. But sometimes this happy event turns into a tragedy if mistakes are made or if there is carelessness before, during, or immediately after the birth. These mistakes or episodes of carelessness can have serious and permanent consequences, including cerebral palsy.

Many newborn children in Pittsburgh and throughout the state have been seriously and permanently injured, because of an error or carelessness on the part of those delivering the child. Those birth injuries will be a permanent emotional burden on the family and are often also the source of a substantial financial burden. Tragically, many newborn children have died due to medical errors that should have been prevented.

Some common injuries and medical issues a child may face because of medical malpractice include:

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Birth Injury Cases Are Complex

A successful Pennsylvania birth injury case depends on medical knowledge as much as it depends on solid legal knowledge. Childbirth is a complicated procedure, and there are hundreds of potential mistakes or errors that can cause severe, permanent injury.

For example, the wrong medication may be given, the decision to induce labor may be made too late, a physician or midwife may misuse instruments, or there may be errors made with the administration of the anesthetic. Learning the exact cause of a birth-related injury takes many hours of detailed investigation into all of the facts surrounding the birth. Birth injury cases are among the most complex and demanding types of lawsuits. They are not the type of case a person should trust to anyone but the most proven experienced Pittsburgh trial lawyers.

We have the medical and legal knowledge, and the experience, to pursue a successful birth injury claim. We have represented the families of many children who have suffered brain injuries. The investigation and preparation of a brain-damaged baby case involve specialists in obstetrics, neonatology, nursing, neurology, child development, neuropsychology and life care planning. Projecting the future needs of a child is both challenging and rewarding. Our case settlements have provided for long-term physical, occupational and speech therapy. The key to maximizing the benefits of therapy for children is to provide them with consistent regular intervention. Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not provide these services. A settlement for a brain-injured child always takes the special needs that the child has into consideration. We believe that those who are responsible should be accountable, and we seek justice for our clients.

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