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A great lady who works through the worst time with compassion and caring

When your heart is broken, due to the unexpected loss of a loved one, it can be difficult to find the strength to deal with the crisis and legal difficulties that ensue.

Veronica, by way of her dedication and compassion, helped to provide focus and guidance. She dealt professionally with every aspect and shielded the family from any unnecessary distressing interactions.

The legal process can be trying especially when it involves the revisiting the death of a loved one. The defendant’s attorney drags the issue out as long as possible, trying to force a speedy settlement.

Veronica remained diligent in the pursuit of reparations. While we became a little anxious for the case to end, Mrs. Richards kept on plowing through the evidence and worked with medical experts to strengthen the case. This case drug on for about 3 years, never once did she sway, bend or waiver.

The quick way out was not an option.

Thank God for Veronica, while nothing can bring my daughter back, I know that the educational future of my grandchildren is intact and I credit this to Mrs. Richards. Thank you for all that you have done for us. I do not believe that anyone could have ever done a better job!

Everything you could want in an attorney

There really are no words to describe the commitment to her clients and the pursuit of justice that drives Veronica Richards in what she does. She manages to blend caring, honesty, excellence, thoroughness, communication and understanding of where the client is coming from at every stage of a case. Her three best assets are simply her precision in seeing and handling every detail, her determination to get her client compensated in the best way possible for what they have endured and most importantly, her ability to be truly sensitive and genuine in her understanding of what you have gone through. I felt completely heard, consulted and informed about every step I needed to be involved in and felt comfortable with every step they moved forward without needing my input. I couldn’t have asked for a better scenario for having to deal with this very difficult situation in my life. The entire team at this law firm was amazing. Veronica takes each case and attacks it as if she experienced it herself, yet somehow still manages to make it all about the client.

Highly Recommended

Veronica Richards helped to give our child a life she deserved. She was with us every step of the way and truly cared about not only our daughter but us as well. Through it all she proved to be the toughest lawyer and did not settle for anything less then what our child needed. She helped us understand everything that was going on and kept us in the loop during a very tough time. We would recommend her very highly to anyone who needs a lawyer.

The Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Pennsylvania!

There is not a better lawyer or a better person you could hire if you or a loved one was the victim of medical malpractice. She treated us with respect and kindness and we were never left wondering what was going on in our case. Her medical knowledge and resources helped us through a very difficult time. I do not think any other attorney could have helped us the way she did. Our settlement was more than we could have ever expected, but her support and kindness far surpassed any financial settlement we received.

Compassionate and Caring

I have already suggested to many people that if they suspect a medical mistake has occurred that they should call Sandy Neuman. Sandy and her firm, Richards & Richards are the most professional and compassionate people I have ever dealt with. I cannot say enough about the way every person there treated us during this terrible time. Thank you Sandy. I will be happy to speak to anyone who wants to know what kind of attorney and person you are.

The Best Med Mal Attorney

Veronica Richards is the best! The level of service and care that she provided to me and my family during our case was unbelievable. She is tough on the other side but so easy to work with. We always felt informed in our case and were thrilled with the result.

Top Notch Attorney

I was told that Veronica Richards was the best, but I could not imagine the service and care that she provided to me and my family during our case. She is tough on the other side but so easy to work with. We never felt like we did not know what was going on in our case. She is wonderful.

Excellent Lawyers/Law Firm

Several years ago I hired Ms. Neuman and the firm she works with for my medical malpractice case. The outcome was excellent as we settled with arbitration without needing to go trial. All thru the process I was treated with the utmost respect.

A Blessing

Although going through a medical malpractice case is painful, Sandy did everything and more to help lift the burden. She was truly a blessing in our lives!

Top Notch Attorney

I have already recommended Sandy Neuman to another person who was the victim of medical malpractice. She was so kind to my entire family. When we were unsure of the future Sandy was there to pick us up and get the job done.

My Experience

I was subject to medical malpractice. Attorney Richards assisted me and my husband in our case. It resulted in a fair settlement without court. We were very satisfied how she guided us every step of the way.

Great Lawyer

Having used Veronica for my legal needs I was very happy with her and the results. She is a very caring and intelligent Lawyer. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal help.

Legal Help

She (Attorney Sandra Neuman) offered great advice to help me with my current legal situation that helped me get the results that I wanted/needed. Very intelligent and insightful and always willing to help you. She also never judged me for what I had done to get into the legal trouble and supported me throughout all of it.

Slip and Fall

Our case was handled very professionally with a friendly manner. Our calls and questions were answered promptly and we were kept informed of any developments. We were pleased with our treatment and the outcome.

AVVO Medical Malpractice Clients’ Choice Awards

Both Attorney Veronica Richards and Attorney Sandra Neuman have been the recipients of the 2015 AVVO Medical Malpractice Clients’ Choice Award for their dedication to their clients. All of the client testimonials above have been published on third party websites including Google, Yahoo and AVVO. Visit the complete AVVO profiles: