Catastrophic Injury And Damages Claims Representation

At the Pittsburgh law firm of Richards & Richards, LLP, our medical malpractice attorneys pursue claims for personal injury or wrongful death damages against doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals whose negligence we can prove. To learn how we investigate and develop damages claims in the most serious malpractice cases, contact us for a free consultation.

Our practice is selective. Whenever we accept a case, we commit to helping our clients collect the greatest amount of compensation that the facts and the law of the case will support. This usually means assembling a team of medical and economic experts to help us characterize the nature of your losses and show exactly what your injury will mean to you and your family in the future.

We Take Care To Include All Of The Damages Claims The Law Allows

We support every detail of your damages claim with expert testimony. Members of our damages team might include a life-care planner, a neuropsychologist, a physiatrist, a rehabilitation specialist, and anyone else whose input will shed light on your specific current and future needs.

We help our clients with damages claims related to such injuries as the following:

Our close attention to the details of your injury claim not only helps us prepare for trial, it also gives your case the best possible chance of a favorable settlement. This is also true of our approach to the proof of damages in Pennsylvania wrongful death litigation.

To learn more about our ability to protect the value of your medical malpractice lawsuit, contact a lawyer at Richards & Richards for a free consultation at 412-261-2620.