Wills or Living Will Attorneys in Pittsburgh

A Will Is The Cornerstone Of An Effective Estate Plan

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, estate planning attorneys at Richards & Richards, LLP have been providing assistance with planning, drafting, and probating wills for individuals and their families in Pittsburgh, the North Hills and throughout western Pennsylvania for three generations.

Whether you need a last will and testament, a simple will or a living will, our estate planning lawyers can help you. We tailor wills and trusts to meet your needs, including simple wills, pour-over wills, and living wills. A an experienced attorney will sit with you and discuss your needs in detail. Then, using his or her knowledge and skill, will fashion the appropriate estate planning tools to best accomplish your goals and objectives.

Why Do I Need A Will in Pennsylvania?

A will can prevent unnecessary hassles after your death and during probate. It can also provide for your children; especially if you have any disabled children or a child with special needs. A will can also provide for any charities, allow you to leave a legacy, protect your assets before you pass away, and provide legal guardianship for your minor child.

At Richards & Richards, LLP, we help you think about your goals (long term and short term), minimize your estate and inheritance taxes, and fashion the appropriate documents to best achieve your goals.

We Will Help You Create A Will That Achieves Your Goals

From the most straightforward to the most complex, our firm can craft the exact will to meet your specific needs. Call our law firm today at 412-261-2620 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.