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Medical malpractice lawsuits are not just another kind of personal injury lawsuit. As many attorneys know, they are very costly. Any case, even a case where the medical malpractice was very elementary, generally requires the testimony of another physician to establish the standard of care. While you may have had experience reading medical records for victims of motor vehicle accidents, the records of a patient who has been the victim of professional negligence generally will not contain the smoking gun reference to what the treating physician did wrong.

We only take cases where the injuries are serious and permanent. If the case for which you are seeking representation does not come within our guidelines, we will do our best to help your client find other representation.

If you are an attorney who has been asked by a client to help find a good medical malpractice lawyer for a family member or a friend, we’d welcome the chance to show you how we can help your client, family member or friend. If you take a moment to review our website, you will see we have an extensive track record. Please visit the small sampling of cases we have listed on our case examples page. Our medical malpractice attorneys including Veronica Richards, who is also a nurse practitioner, will quickly review the case and get back to you.

Contact us at your convenience or call us at 412-261-2620 to discuss the case you are now considering and we will tell you if referring the case to our office makes sense. We will do our best to ensure that when you send us a case, your client will get the type of representation they deserve the type of representation they will thank you for seeing they received. We care about our clients and treat them each as we would expect our family members to be treated.

We are as committed to reforming medical care as we are to protecting the injured.