Veronica Richards Appointed to Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

Attorney Veronica A. Richards has been appointed to the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority.  The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority is an independent state agency that is charged with taking steps to reduce and eliminate medical errors by identifying problems and recommending solutions that promote patient safety in Pennsylvania’s healthcare facilities.  The Authority analyzes and evaluates all reports of incidents and makes recommendations for changes in health care practices and procedures which may be instituted to reduce the number and severity of Serious Events and Incidents in Pennsylvania’s healthcare institutions.  The Authority’s role is non-regulatory and non-punitive and is distinguished from the role of other state agencies involved in regulating and/or licensing health care facilities or individual providers.

Veronica is one of only two lawyers appointed to the 11-member Board of Directors.  Six pf the members are appointed by the Governor and four members are appointed by the Senate and House leadership. The eleventh member is a physician appointed by the Governor as Board Chair.  Current membership includes six physicians, two attorneys, a nurse, a pharmacist and a non-healthcare worker.

With her background as a nurse practitioner, we feel that Veronica was the perfect choice for the position.  She has dedicated her legal career to holding hospitals and healthcare workers responsible for negligence.

Newswire: Attorney Veronica Richards Appointed to Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

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