Were Signs Of Skin Cancer Missed?

Skin cancer is an especially painful and potentially deadly condition, involving any malignant growth on the skin. A melanoma is a more specific term, encompassing only tumors arising from the skin and other organs. When people refer to a melanoma, it is assumed that it is malignant.

There are many risk factors for skin cancer and melanoma that a doctor or medical professional should know well. Particularly susceptible are people who are fair-skinned or have freckles, many of whom have blue or green eyes and have blond or red hair. Anyone who sunburns easily, had many severe sunburns in the past, or has a prior history of skin cancer, is at risk.

Doctors should be very careful to determine whether moles are cancerous. An appropriate examination of a mole involves a basic screening for melanoma and skin cancer. Medical professionals should be especially wary of bleeding moles and moles that change color.

Doctors Must Investigate For Skin Cancer And Melanoma

If you come to a doctor with a skin growth of any kind, he or she should test for the existence of skin cancer. Medical professionals have a responsibility to recognize readily apparent conditions and treat them before they become severe.

You may be suffering from extensive treatments for skin cancer or melanoma, or you may have a loved one who is suffering or has died from the condition. Know that you have options – our experienced medical malpractice lawyers can help you determine whether your doctor or other medical professional was negligent in diagnosing skin cancer, preventing you from getting the care you should have received.

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