fighting on behalf of those victimized by spinal surgery errors

For many people who make the decision to undergo spinal surgery, the hope is that the procedure will finally bring an end to the longstanding nightmare of limited mobility, crippling pain and failed treatment regimens. In other words, they just want to feel like they can go back to living a normal life once the anesthesia clears.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that people looking to spinal surgery for much-needed relief sometimes don’t get it. Indeed, they may even see their condition exacerbated or worse.

While these latter results are difficult to accept when the patient knew this was a possibility before going under, they are understandably devastating when the patient discovers that they can be attributed to otherwise avoidable negligence on the part of the surgeon or other medical professionals taking part in their procedure.

That’s because they placed their complete trust in this surgical team only to be victimized by an anesthesia error or surgical error, two types of medical mistakes that they likely never even considered could happen given the skill, training and experience of those taking part in the procedure.

What makes this all the more devastating is that these types of medical mishaps — particularly surgical errors — can have especially dire consequences for spinal surgery patients, including lasting nerve damage and paralysis.

Indeed, even if a patient is miraculously able to avoid permanent paralysis due to a surgical error, they are still at an elevated risk of developing other potentially life-threatening conditions as they recover from their spinal cord injury, including lung infections, bladder infections, blood clots and bed sores.

If you have suffered needlessly because of the negligence of medical professionals you trusted to perform complex spinal surgery, do not feel as if you are without options. Consider speaking with an experienced legal professional who can examine everything that transpired and take the necessary legal action, fighting to secure the peace of mind that you and your family need.

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