serious complications can stem from ignoring brain injuries

In July 2013 a popular Indian actor, Hrithik Roshan, had brain surgery to stop a chronic subdural hematoma. The bleeding that was occurring in his brain led to a clot, which was causing the actor to have headaches and become drowsy. The actor had suffered a mild brain injury about six weeks earlier, and doctors say that the mild trauma he suffered caused enough damage to develop into a potentially serious injury.  

Blood clots in the brain can have severe effects, including unconsciousness, coma, paralysis and even death. Those who suffer trauma to the brain are at risk for clots, since the blood vessels in the brain have been damaged. 

People can sustain brain injuries in a number of ways. One of the most common causes of brain injuries in the U.S. is motor vehicle accidents. However, people also suffer brain injuries from accidents at home or work. Brain injuries range in severity from mild concussions to significant damage to brain tissue, and people might not immediately realize that they have had a brain injury when they have had an accident. 

Roshan’s experience underscores the importance of paying attention to head injuries. Had his doctors not investigated when the actor complained of headaches and drowsiness, the blood clot could have become much worse — potentially even fatal.

Those who have suffered head trauma need to make sure to watch for symptoms of neurological problems after the accident. They should also be persistent with their doctors if they believe there is something wrong. In the current state of health care in the U.S., where patients get only a few minutes with their doctors during a medical appointment, doctors can easily fail to diagnose problems resulting from brain injuries. With brain injuries, such failures to diagnose can be fatal. 

Source: Deccan Chronicle, “Don’t ignore head injuries,” July 15, 2013

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