pennsylvania supports national patient safety awareness week

Few things are more important than top-notch communication between patients and their doctors. Unfortunately, in a society that constantly pushes for more efficiency and faster turnaround times, face-to-face conversation in the hospital is often one of first things to go. Doctors rush to write prescriptions, and they often fail to thoroughly answer patients’ questions about surgery or health care.

Thankfully, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority is committed to encouraging more communication between patients and health care providers. This week, they are sponsoring several poster campaigns in support of the National Patient Safety Awareness Week, which is March 4-10. The campaign aims to decrease incidents of medical malpractice by increasing effective communication.

The director of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority said that the awareness week is a great chance to remind people about the importance of good dialogue. He added, “I think too often everyone is in a hurry, whether it be the patient who wants to get out of the hospital or the health care provider who wants to move on to the next patient.” Fostering strong relationships between patients and providers can help ensure everyone is pleased with medical outcomes.

Part of the campaign involved creating posters and sending them to health care providers throughout Pennsylvania. The posters provide tips for providers and patients to promote safer care. Patients are encouraged to participate actively in health care conversations by knowing their medical histories and details about any prescriptions they take. Patients are also encouraged to bring family members or friends who can help them digest the medical instructions they receive.

Read our next post for more tips regarding how patients can promote their safety and help reduce medical errors.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “National Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 4-10,” Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, Mar. 5, 2012

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