Standing Up For Patients Injured By Pain Medication Injections

Veronica A. Richards, our managing medical malpractice attorney at Richards & Richards , LLP is a nurse practitioner as well as a medical malpractice trial attorney. She understands that pain medicine negligence can cause permanent injury. Using her unique perspective, attorney Richards will protect your rights as a patient and help you seek compensation for medical malpractice.

Injuries Caused By Pain Injections By Physicians

Some doctors who claim to specialize in pain medicine capitalize on their patients’ vulnerability. Pain clinics are sometimes motivated by increasing profits rather than by helping patients. Unscrupulous physicians may perform unnecessary injections under the guise of treating back pain, neck pain, knee pain and other chronic pain. When injections are improperly performed, patients can suffer serious injury, including infection, nerve damage, and paralysis.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

If you or someone you know suffered illness or death as a result of pain medication or injections, an experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable of the medical field can explain your rights and options. Contact our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, law office for quality representation in medical malpractice claims. You will pay nothing unless we win your case.