Presenting Your Claim For Negligence In Laparoscopy

Hailed by surgeons and hospitals as a minimally invasive surgical technique that can lessen the risk of certain operations, laparoscopic surgery can present its own risks. If you or a family member suffered a serious injury while undergoing a gall bladder procedure, gastric bypass or other laparoscopic surgery, contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer at Richards & Richards, LLP in Pittsburgh. We can evaluate your case and advise you about your rights while delivering outstanding client service.

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Laparoscopic surgery depends on the highly skilled use of a cutting beam at the end of a small wire inserted through a small incision. When successful, laparoscopy can achieve the objectives of conventional surgical procedures with significantly less trauma to surrounding tissue, with the additional benefits of less time under anesthesia and a faster recovery period.

When unsuccessful, however, laparoscopic surgery can result in extremely serious injuries or death. Our attorneys know how to review and evaluate cases of failed procedures to determine the likelihood of negligence on the part of the surgeon.

Surgical mistakes during laparoscopy can include cutting the bile duct, perforating a vital organ, or failing to remove all malignant tissue in the course of laparoscopic cancer surgery. The sufficiency of the patient’s informed consent can also be an issue in a laparoscopy malpractice case.

Another potential problem of laparoscopic is the inability to monitor the recovery of a patient who is released too soon after the procedure. Because many surgical risks involve problems that arise during the postoperative recovery period, an ambulance sent to the home of a prematurely released patient might not arrive in time.

Learn Your Legal Rights After A Laparoscopic Surgery Error

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