Suing for Damages In Cases Of Gastric Bypass Error

Gastric bypass operations are a common form of bariatric or weight-loss surgery. They are heavily marketed and increasingly popular, especially since the recent adoption of minimally-invasive laparoscopic techniques to reduce the length and expense of hospital stays.

Medical errors in screening for gastric bypass surgery or surgical mistakes in performing the procedure, however, can lead to severe complications or death. If you need advice about your right to personal injury or wrongful death damages resulting from a gastric bypass operation gone wrong, contact a knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney at Richards & Richards in Pittsburgh.

Some Gastric Bypass Clinics Lack The Resources Needed In Case Of Emergency

In our experience, one of the greatest risks of gastric bypass or other bariatric surgery is the inability of many smaller clinics to meet the needs of patients who experience complications. If your facility didn’t have the personnel or equipment necessary to prevent dangerous blood clotting in the legs, or lacked a CT scanner big enough to accurately diagnose the problems encountered by a 350-pound patient, we can very often prove your claim of negligence.

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Other risks of gastric bypass surgery include errors in the prevention or treatment of peritonitis, failure to intervene effectively at the first signs of pulmonary embolism, or mistakes in laparoscopic or conventional surgical techniques. By working with prominent medical experts, we can make an accurate assessment of the facts of your case.

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To learn how you can benefit from our experience with the investigation and presentation of proof that your damages resulted from bariatric or gastric bypass surgical mistakes, contact a knowledgeable attorney at our office in Pittsburgh.