Were The Signs Of A Heart Attack Overlooked?

Protecting Your Rights In Cases Of Cardiology Malpractice

If your doctor missed the signs of an imminent heart attack, or if you lost a loved one due to misdiagnosis of a serious heart condition as indigestion, contact a knowledgeable attorney to review your potential claim for medical malpractice. Call the Pittsburgh law firm of Richards & Richards, LLP for a free consultation about your legal rights.

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Cardiology mistakes are frequently fatal. Our law firm’s experience with the proof of medical malpractice and the application of Pennsylvania’s wrongful death statute to your damages claim can help compensate you for the financial dimensions of your loss. Along the way, you can count on our attorneys and staff to support you through a difficult time of grief and transition.

Most cases of cardiology malpractice reflect one of two causes: the doctor’s failure to correctly recognize the symptoms of an immediate heart problem in an emergency room, urgent care facility or clinical setting, or the doctor’s failure to make a correct interpretation of an EKG or stress test results. Either way, we work with nationally recognized cardiology experts to identify the precise mistakes that led to your malpractice claim.

A big part of our job in cardiology malpractice litigation is to show that an accurate diagnosis or timely diagnosis and treatment could have made the critical difference in your case. Once again, our experience with developing and presenting expert medical testimony can help us present your case in the clearest and most convincing terms possible.

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For more information about our experience with recovering damages for medical malpractice in the diagnosis or treatment of heart disease, contact an experienced attorney at Richards & Richards, LLP in Pittsburgh.