Delayed Diagnosis Of Sepsis

Infections are rarely medical malpractice cases. When infections are medical malpractice cases, it is usually due to a delay in the diagnosis of the infection or a delay in the treatment of the infection. A delayed diagnosis of an infection or failure to properly treat an infection can lead to a severe life threatening condition called sepsis. Sepsis is when the infection gets into the bloodstream itself. Any infection from a cut on your finger to the flu can lead to sepsis if that infection is not properly treated.

Symptoms Of Sepsis

The symptoms of sepsis are very common symptoms. The person will have a fever and an increased breathing rate. Often people who have sepsis get the chills and have an increased heart rate. Certainly things that people are familiar with which may be similar to the flu symptoms. The key to diagnosing sepsis is really prevention. Doctors must find the source of the infection and treat the source of the infection to avoid sepsis.

Treatment Of Sepsis

Once you have sepsis, which means the bacteria has gone into your bloodstream, the treatment is aggressive antibiotics and aggressive IV therapy. When diagnosed and treated early, over 90% of the patients diagnosed with sepsis will survive. If sepsis is not properly diagnosed and treated, often the result is death.

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