A Misdiagnosed Appendicitis Can Have Fatal Consequences

Delayed Or Misdiagnosis Of Abdominal Pain

Today it is quite rare for a patient to complain of abdominal pain in a clinical or emergency room setting, receive treatment for a gastric ailment, get released, and then suffer disabling injuries or death from a ruptured appendix and the resulting infections. Nevertheless, medical negligence continues to occur both in the diagnosis of appendicitis and the treatment of the condition through conventional or laparoscopic appendectomy.

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Types Of Appendicitis-Related Errors

The following are examples of situations where medical negligence on the part of a Pennsylvania physician, surgeon or hospital employee might have played a significant role in catastrophic complications of appendicitis:

  • Laparoscopic surgery mistakes involving unintended cuts or damages to vital organs, tissues or ducts
  • Failure to monitor the patient’s risk of aspiration and resulting brain damage during and following an emergency appendectomy
  • Misdiagnosis due to confusing the symptoms of pneumonia and appendicitis, especially in children
  • Negligent care during the postoperative recovery period

The defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit related to appendicitis could be a surgeon, a family doctor, a pediatrician, an emergency physician, an anesthesiologist or the hospital itself. In some cases, several of these might be held to account for separate incidents of negligence related to the misdiagnosis.

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