Miami Breast Cancer Patient Awarded $21.6 million in Medical Malpractice Verdict

A Miami nurse with breast cancer has been awarded 21.6 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The 47-year-old nurse has devoted her life to medical mission trips, bringing medical aid to distressed areas. What she did not know was that she herself had cancer while teaching others how to detect possible cancers within them. When she found a lump in her left breast, she had reportedly visited over eight doctors – all of whom misdiagnosed her condition. The lump had turned out to be cancerous. Tragically, by the time she had received a correct diagnosis, it was too late. The breast cancer was found to be advanced.

The incorrect diagnosis spanned over the course of a year. The patient had several ultrasounds performed, as well as a mammogram. She proceeded to get a second opinion, where she underwent a biopsy. The misdiagnosis was largely due to confusion in deciding whether it was actually cancer or mastitis, an infection of the breast that shares some preliminary symptoms, such as pain and redness, which is also associated with inflammatory breast cancer.

The nurse is undergoing aggressive treatment for the breast cancer, which has strong, debilitating side effects in and of itself.

When a patient goes to a medical professional with a concern, such as a lump in the breast, that patient is taking the most important step they can by raising their concerns with a doctor. When a medical professional fails to provide a correct diagnosis, or there is a delay in making the diagnosis, that patient could face life-altering or fatal conditions that could have been prevented. Nobody should have to suffer due to a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis and treatment.

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