How delivering a baby can go wrong when the doctor is negligent

How delivering a baby can go wrong when the doctor is negligentModern childbirth in the U.S. is far safer for mothers and babies than it was in decades and centuries past. Most of the time, both patients leave the hospital in good health, and when there is a complication, doctors generally do everything they can to treat it.

Then there are cases where an incompetent or reckless doctor allows needless harm to come to the baby or mother. The resulting birth injury can be minor and heal in a short period of time. Or it can cause a lifetime of disability for the infant. In the worst cases, the child dies as a result of the doctor’s negligence.

These unfortunate but preventable incidents can happen in a variety of ways, and be committed by medical professionals other than physicians, such as nurses and midwives. One common error is to wait too long to induce labor or order a Cesarean section when the baby is in distress. Another is the misuse of surgical tools that harm the child.

Proving medical malpractice caused a birth injury can be tricky, because it requires a combination of medical and legal knowledge. It can take a long, detailed investigation into a particular case to uncover all the relevant evidence.

Because of this, parents considering a lawsuit over a birth injury need to choose their attorney carefully. Hiring an attorney with a great deal of experience handling birth injury claims gives your family the best chance of getting the compensation you need to care for your disabled child.

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