cerebral palsy slows but doesnt stop baseball announcer

It is just a sad fact that a child who is injured during the delivery process is not likely to ever live anything but a life filled with unique challenges and hardships.

This truism is why we have devoted a portion of our Pittsburgh practice to helping the families of children who have developed cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy or other birth injuries because of a doctor’s negligence. We understand that the child’s life is going to be hard, and as much as we are able, we want to be a part of whatever solution can be found.

That being said, many people with cerebral palsy or other birth injuries go on to overcome significant hardships and serve as stories of inspiration. One such person is Jason Benetti, the 29-year-old announcer for the Syracuse Chiefs minor league baseball team.

Benetti walks with difficulty and cannot exert himself too much because of his underdeveloped lungs. His father told a reporter that watching his newborn son struggle to live was “a nightmare for any parent.”

But Benetti has a mind for statistics and a keen love for baseball. Coworkers describe him as a gifted orator. He now calls 120 games a year for the Chiefs.

One has to wonder what Benetti’s life would be like if he did not have cerebral palsy. Certainly, it would be different, and probably easier. Even so, it is very inspiring to see how he has risen above the complications of this condition to follow his passion for baseball.

Source: The Washington Post, “Syracuse Chiefs announcer Jason Benetti won’t let cerebral palsy slow him down,” Rick Maese, July 8, 2013

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