sepsis and urine infections

Urine infections are very common and easy to diagnose and treat. Some people are prone to getting urine infections and never develop sepsis. They go to their doctor and are placed on an antibiotic that results in the urine infection going away. If the urine infection is not treated with antibiotics or the right antibiotics -sepsis can develop and kill.

An infection does not mean medical malpractice has occured.  We investigate medical negligence in cases where there way a delay in the diagnosis of sepsis or the sepsis was not properly treated.

Most people never even heard of sepsis-one study found that 70% of people never heard of sepsis. Sepsis kills over 250,000 people each year. Sepsis is a medical emergency that can be treated and cured with early detection. Death can be prevented with fluids and antibiotics.

We have handled several tragic death cases that were caused by the failure to diagnose sepsis until it was too late to save the lives of our clients. Sepsis is an equal opportunity killer-it kills the very young, elderly, normally healthy people and those that are already sick. Know the symptoms of sepsis and tell your doctor if you suspect that you or a loved one has sepsis. The symptoms of sepsis can include a fever or a low body temperature, a change in vital signs such as an increased heart rate or increased breathing and confusion is always a sign that emergency care is needed.

Seek emergency care because time is critically important to survival.

The Sepsis Alliance TM is an organization dedicated to educating the public and health care providers to suspect sepsis and save lives. Please visit their web site to learn more and watch their powerful videos.

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