these 4 types of doctors are likely to make mistakes

When we visit the doctor, we may be inclined to believe that anyone with a white lab coat and stethoscope will give us the medical attention we need. It’s a pleasant and comforting thought that all professionals will do their jobs to the best of their ability all day, every day. It’s also not very realistic.

There are numerous doctors in Pittsburgh who have become complacent in their practice — doctors who assume they’ve seen it all and know all the answers. In reality, the doctors who assume they know what’s wrong with you before you’ve told them all your symptoms can be the doctors who are most likely to cause medical errors.

But how do you know if your doctor is actually qualified to quickly diagnose your symptoms, or if he or she is too lazy to figure out the real problem? Here are four types of doctors who should give you pause:

Doctors who are quick to write prescriptions: In ten years, the number of prescriptions doctors wrote rose 39 percent. Before you start taking whatever your doctor prescribes, ask whether there are nondrug options, why this medicine was picked over others, and what the pros and cons of the medicine are. If your doctor can’t — or won’t — give you good answers, it may be time to look for someone new.

Doctors who are sleep deprived: We recently wrote about the increased risk of surgical errors when surgeons did not get enough sleep. It is okay to ask your doctor about his or her sleep schedule. If you have the option, it is also good to schedule surgery for the earliest appointment of the morning — before your surgeon is exhausted from the day.

Doctors who are flirtatious: Doctor-patient relationships are often romanticized in movies. However, if your doctor is flirtatious, it’s time for you to find someone new. Your doctor should be someone that you can be honest with, and it’s difficult to be honest about unglamorous symptoms when you’re concerned about getting asked out for dinner.

Doctors who are out of date: There is a fine balance between finding a doctor who is experienced and one who is current with the latest medical technologies. Although doctors who are fresh out of school may seem inexperienced, they are often more up-to-date with the latest medical technology.

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