terrifying case of hospital negligence in pennsylvania hospital

Hospital negligence has been revealed time and time again as a huge issue, both in regards to patient safety and healthcare costs. While the sheer number of patient injuries resulting from hospital negligence is astounding, the simple precautions needed to prevent a large number of these cases is even more amazing.

Take for instance a recent case involving one Pennsylvania woman who filed suit against a state hospital after she was forced to undergo months of testing because hospital staff used another patient’s syringe to treat her.

The woman claimed that doctors told her that another individual’s syringe had “somehow” been placed on her tray and was consequently used to treat her. They then informed her that she would have to undergo extensive testing for HIV and other blood-borne diseases as a result of the mistake.

Over the next six months, she proceeded through a large number of tests to determine whether or not she had received any blood-borne diseases from the other patient. The hospital visits cut into her daily life, while the uncertainty and fear cut into her mental well-being.  

Luckily, all the tests returned negative, though it could have easily been much worse.

Following the ordeal, the woman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit for an undisclosed amount of money against the hospital. The hospital, Forbes Regional Hospital, refused to comment on the case.

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