michael douglas has stage 4 cancer wife troubled by delayed diagnosis

According to “Hot Mama Gossip,” Catherine Zeta Jones is very angry over the length of time it took doctors to diagnose husband Michael Douglas with throat cancer. The cancer, diagnosed less than a month ago, is already at stage four. This means that it has spread far beyond the originally affected area into different parts of the actor’s body.

It’s not a good prognosis, but it’s not necessarily a final sentence either. Doctors have give Douglas an 80 percent chance of recovery.

On Wednesday, we discussed a recent report highlighting the far-reaching effects of delayed diagnoses for diseases like cancer. In the report, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory revealed that delayed and missed diagnoses cause more “adverse effects” than medication errors – perhaps even twice as many.

Douglas appeared on the David Letterman Show on Tuesday to discuss the recent diagnoses, though he was much more sympathetic in regards to the doctors treating him than Zeta Jones.

Easy to miss or not, the actor had seen multiple doctors, undergone multiple tests over the years. How doctors were unable to spot the cancer until it had progressed to stage 4 remains to be explained.

Failure to diagnose cancer affects thousands of Americans every year. At a certain point, whether the disease is diagnosed or not, there is little that can be done to prevent it from spreading further. In the very worst cases it is diagnosed too late to save the patient or not diagnosed at all.

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  • Catherine Zeta Jones ‘furious’ at Michael Douglas diagnosis delay (Hot Mama Gossip)

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