infected camping wound leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

A Pennsylvania man is suing the Charleston Area Medical Center, in West Virginia, as well as Drs Molly John and Brandon Kyle Robinson for a wound that became infected following treatment at the hospital last July. The West Virginia University Medical Corporation was also named in the malpractice lawsuit.

It started on a camping trip. Matthew Summerfield was visiting the Charleston area with his wife and, during a dirt bike outing, injured himself when he landed on his left leg and was dragged behind the bike for a distance.

He reported to the Charleston Area Medical Center, where he received treatment for a deep and complex laceration on his knee, resulting in a large amount of tissue loss.

Scheduled to be discharged shortly thereafter, plans changed when Summerfield complained of intense knee pain. He was admitted to trauma, where Dr. Molly John oversaw his treatment. Diagnosed with a tendon rupture, Summerfield underwent surgery to repair the tear.

The problem noted in the malpractice lawsuit arose when Summerfield and his wife asked for an infectious disease consult. Dr. John declined to provide it.

The next day, Summerfield noted drainage from the wound and, after returning to the hospital, was diagnosed with an infection and underwent treatment to drain the wound and fight the infection.

The lawsuit claims negligence on the part of Dr. John and a failure to recognize the risk of infection following surgery.

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