Creating Accountability For Surgical Errors

Surgical patients depend on the skill and care of every member of their surgery team to survive an operation alive and intact. It's hard to imagine a greater degree of vulnerability than lying unconscious with a body cavity open while completely reliant on others for such basic activities as breathing and circulation.

At the Pittsburgh law firm of Richards & Richards, our medical malpractice attorneys help the victims of surgical negligence recover the damages they need to compensate for the losses they have suffered. In some cases, those damages will involve paralysis or other permanent spinal cord damage. In other situations, permanent loss of brain function will be the main basis of the damages calculation.

Handling A Wide Variety Of Surgery Malpractice Cases

Our Pittsburgh med mal lawyers help people with surgical negligence cases such as the following:

We also know that many victims of surgical malpractice don't survive the injuries resulting from negligence during or after surgery. In those cases, we apply Pennsylvania wrongful death law to pursue the rights of the grieving families. Our ability to represent your interests effectively and compassionately can be an important source of support at a difficult time of transition.

Why Choose Us?

Veronica Richards, our managing partner a former nurse practitioner, provides a rare combination of practical medical experience with superior litigation skills. In over 25 years of trial practice, she has been listed as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer since 2004, and one of the Top 50 in Pittsburgh in 2010. Attorney Sandy Neuman works closely with Attorney Richards to investigate and if necessary, take every case to trial.

To learn how our law firm's approach to surgical errors and surgical negligence litigation can benefit you, contact the medical malpractice attorneys at Richards & Richards in Pittsburgh for a free consultation.